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Innoversa Mobile Energy Solutions

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Quanta Services

Innoversa Mobile Solutions is a manufacturing arm of Quanta Technology, LLC. Since 2019, Quanta Technology has developed several mobile and containerized energy solutions to address the technology gap in the market and to support unique applications for utility, commercial, and industrial customers. These solutions focus on improving the reliability and resiliency of the energy supply and the verification of electric-vehicle (EV) charging technologies in support of transportation electrification. Innoversa Mobile Solutions focuses on large-scale manufacturing of these solutions.

Designed by Industry Experts

  • Close partnership with the team of experts at Quanta Technology, LLC and Phasor Engineering for the development, design, customization, and testing/verification of mobile energy solutions. 
  • Extensive engagement in leading standards development for mobile and transportable energy storage systems and high-power EV charging infrastructure. 

Product Portfolio

  • Mobile energy storage systems 
  • Mobile hybrid EV charging station 
  • Mobile EV charger/tester 
  • Regenerative high-power EV simulator/tester 
  • EV sub-metering and accuracy tester 
  • Microgrid test trailer 

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