Creating Mobile Energy Solutions for Cleaner & Brighter Future

Testing and Commissioning

Innoversa provides testing services for Energy Storage Systems and Microgrids.

  • ESS testing covers type tests, and functional tests at the factory, or as part of integration testing and commissioning in the field.
  • Microgrid testing is performed with a unique portable test trailer, specially designed for streamlining the commissioning and functional verifications of microgrids in the field – providing comprehensive assessments for various modes of operation such as blackstart, islanding and grid reconnection tests.

Solution as a Service

SaaS helps manage temporary and seasonal needs of customers and to enhance energy delivery infrastructure in a clean and environmentally friendly fashion. The approach will defer extensive cost of infrastructure upgrades and avoiding fuel cost and emissions associated with traditional ways of using diesel and gas gensets. Example areas of services are:

Rental and short-term leasing options are available for the Mobile energy storage systems and mobile EV chargers to support electrification targets and enhance grid reliability.

Health Monitoring and Condition Reporting

Applying state of the art 24/7 remote monitoring and information exchange platforms to determine operational status and health of equipment.

Monitoring and reports are powered by Advanced Data Analytics to generate performance based key indicators (KPI), create weekly or monthly utilization reports (executive format) and drive predictive condition-based monitoring for critical assets.

Conceptual Design and Engineering

Our expert can support your conceptualization and development of ideas to get through prototype stage and planning of beta versions.

We can customize any of our solutions to match your needs, requirements, and specific field characteristics to properly support the end use.