Innovative Technologies for Mobile Energy Storage

Mobile Energy Storage Solutions

PROMIS® Mobile energy storage system is primarily designed to offer a clean replacement for emergency (portable) diesel generators for on-grid/off-grid power supply to single and three-phase customers. It is packaged and designed for frequent relocation and fast interconnection at a new site using a standard generator terminal box with Camlock plugs.

EV Infrastructure Solutions

Mobile Platforms for Charging Electric Cars and Testing EV Chargers

Our EV infrastructure solutions support bridging the gap in EV charging infrastructure by providing mobile flexible charging solutions for emergency charging, temporary applications as well as charging capacity increase during high demand seasons. These solutions also offer testing and verification of EV charging equipment as an add-on feature. Testing electric-vehicle chargers both prior to installation and in the field is key in providing reliable charging sessions for EV owners and supporting the move towards electrification of transportation.

Mobile & Portable Test Equipment

Our test equipment facilitate testing of emerging technologies and advanced power electronic systems in the field. These are mobile/portable devices which can be utilized for performance verification and calibration upon technology installation/commissioning and afterwards for maintenance and contractual verifications.

  • Regenerative High-Power, Electric-Vehicle Simulator & Tester
  • BESSTI Energy Storage System Tester
  • EVMT EV Charging Station Accuracy and Calibration Tester
  • Microgrid Test Trailer

Customized Solutions

Emerging Technologies for Piloting and Production

With a fast evolving industry, emerging technologies are required to address the challenges of distribution systems and power supply needs. Our experts can develop customized and pilot solutions to address your needs and support the industry and customers to design and engineer most recent technologies.

Examples are:

  • Fully DC based mobile chargers
  • Customer tap box solutions for quick and plug-and-play connection