Regenerative High-Power, Electric-Vehicle Simulator & Tester

An outdoor-rated device designed to simulate an electric vehicle (EV) to test DC fast chargers or ultra-fast chargers. The solution is capable of EV communications using either CCS1 or CCS2 EV chargers.

The solution can emulate an end-to-end EV charging process up to the rated DC capacity of a charger, with or without using any battery storage system. The solution is also available as rack-mounted for indoor setups.


The mobile platform offers easy transport to the site.
EV charger testing provides type test, interoperability, functional, and accuracy testing.
EV emulation uses a comprehensive library for representing EV charging patterns and charge processes.
Mobile EV charging includes an onboard medium-power EV DC fast charger with a battery supply, providing EV charging capability.


EV emulation and EVC tester:

  • Power range (charge): 80-125 kW
  • Maximum DC: 280 A
  • Voltage range: 320-700 Vdc
  • NIST traceable: up to 30 A
  • Measurement accuracy:
  • Current/Voltage: 0.1%
  • Power/Energy: 0.3%.


  • DC fast and ultra-fast charger testing, including:
  • Safety and functional testing (following IEC 61851).
  • Interoperability and conformance testing (CharIN-CCS, ISO 15118).
  • Analysis of Vehicle-to-Grid Integration (VGI) and any impact on host systems (SAE J2894).
  • Cybersecurity testing of EV chargers using a third-party controller interface.

Sample Test Case

Type tests and application tests for EV charger:

  • Full Load
  • No or Light Load
  • Repeatability
  • Power Interruption Test
  • Communication/Reporting Test for the back-office data
  • Submetering accuracy and calibration testing